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In Khadi Natural we belive in natural ayurvedic and handmade products. Our love for nature and purity is unmeasurable. From the beginning we are on a mission of serving mankind the richness of ayurveda. We have complete range of herbal and ayurvedic products that are free from chemicals, artificial colour, silicone, gluten and many more hazardous chemicals

Activated with bamboo charcoal

Enrich with the benefits of natural ingredients Khadi Naturals™ Cleansers helps in benefiting hair in the most natural way. Free from SLS and Parabens it helps in strengthening hair roots by providing the proper nutrition and vitamins which is required for better hair growth. Activated with bamboo charcoal, aloe Vera and many more Khadi Naturals™ Hair Cleansers are a perfect go to for all different hair woes Shop Now -

Freedom sale- Khadi Natural

Relish to the beauty of inner self with Khadi Naturals™ products. Enrich with the benefits of natural ingredients and age-old ayurvedic formulas Khadi Naturals™ products help in improving the skin tone by giving you flawless perfect skin which you desire for lifetime. Offer ends tonight! - Freedom sale is live with Flat 25% OFF on all products @ Khadi Natural. Use code -Freedom25. visit

Offer ends tonight! - Freedom sale

Relish to the beauty of inner self with Khadi Naturals™ products. Enrich with the benefits of natural ingredients and age-old ayurvedic formulas Khadi Naturals™ products help in improving the skin tone by giving you flawless perfect skin which you desire for lifetime. Offer ends tonight! - Freedom sale is live with Flat 25% OFF on all products @ Khadi Natural. Use code -Freedom25. visit

Freedom sale is live with Flat 25% OFF on all products @KhadiNatural

Freedom sale is live with Flat 25% OFF on all products @KhadiNatural. Use code -FREEDOM25. Limited period offer! Grab it today visit


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Rose essential Oil

Rose - Pure Essential Oil acts as a general skin tonic with astringent properties, moisturizes, hydrates, and stimulates the skin, boosts all skin types when mixed with lotion or cream. Try and see the difference.


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Charcoal hair cleanser

KHADI NATURAL™ Charcoal hair cleanser is well used for removing scalp build-up’s, repairing hair damage and restoring strength. It is ideally used for deep cleansing and dirt exfoliation. This Cleanser will help you to control dandruff and lice from your scalp. It can also improve frizzy hair and contributes to hair growth. Acts like a hair conditioner and offers relief from anxiety. Thoroughly cleanses the scalp



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Rosemary & Henna Hair Oil

Khadi Natural™ Rosemary & Henna Hair Oil, The rich formulation in this oil reduces inflammation and keeps your scalp healthy. Antibacterial and Antioxidant enhances new hair growth, provides color restoration, reduces Inflammation and vibrant tresses


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Neem & Aloe Vera Hair Cleanser

Khadi Natural™ Neem & Aloe Vera Hair Cleanser is filled with the goodness of purifying neem and healing Aloe Vera extracts that forms an excellent amalgamation for nourished and cleansed hair. With regular use of this Hair Cleanser it will help to soften your hair and provide more lustre by making the roots strong.


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Amla & Bhringraj Hair cleanser

Khadi Natural™ Amla & Bhringraj Hair cleanser helps in preventing premature greying of hair and also helps in fighting against dandruff. It also helps in maintaining the pH balance of your scalp and provides the right amount of moisture to your hair which helps in reducing hair fall.

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Banana Hair cleanser with Honey

KHADI NATURAL™ #Banana #haircleanser with #Honey is great for your #hair & #scalp it helps in improvement of manageability of hair & controls #dandruff This Cleanser is rich in potassium, natural oils, carbohydrates and vitamins, which helps in softening the hair and protect the hair's natural elasticity, preventing split ends and breakage. Honey provides needed shine and moisturizer to your scalp.



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Aloe Vera Hair Cleanser

Pamper your hair with the daily care that it requires with the help of Khadi Natural™ Aloe Vera Hair Cleanser. A perfect balance of aloe vera and other natural herbs helps in combating hair fall by stimulating the growth of new hair cells. Nourishes and moisturizes the scalp by providing shine and softness and helps in making the hair easily manageable and frizz-free . .


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Lavender & Ylang Ylang Soap

As Spring takes hold and we start to see our gardens and hills flowering again, we wanted to spend a bit of time talking about the wonderful flowers we regularly use in our soaps, creams and lotions, and what can be beneficial about them.

Aromatherapy is usually not associated with soaps, but rather with massage oils and diffusers, to maximize the olfactory effects of the essential oils on both the body and the mind. However, when we use soap in the shower, the steam also enhances the fragrance and envelopes our senses in the fragrance of the soap. Smells induce memories and feelings in us, and can even change our moods and perception, and bodily responses.

So, it makes sense that the fragrance of the soap and shampoo you use in your morning shower will influence your mood and on how you start off your day. Remember this the next time you shower!

Keeping this in mind, we shall today talk about lavender & ylang ylang flower soap. Ylang ylang, which has a delicate floral scent, is said to lift the spirit and induce feelings of joy and happiness. In aromatherapy, it is often used to treat depression and anxiety. Lavender compliments the uplifting effect of ylang ylang by adding calmness and serenity to the blend. The result of the combination is a stunningly beautiful and comforting fragrance.

The ylang ylang tree is sometimes referred to as the perfume tree and was originally found in the Philippines (later in Reunion, Madagascar and Tahiti). It has large flowers which turn from green to yellow and have a strong perfume. Ylang ylang essential oil smells beautiful and comes in several grades. It can be used to infuse coconut oil for cosmetic products but in its superior grade, it is used primarily in perfumery.

Lavender has a soothing reputation as a natural alternative to help you relax, unwind and let go of stress. But you’ve got to wonder. Does it really work? The good news is that it does. And as a bonus, if pharmacists of the Middle Ages were correct, it has aphrodisiac qualities, too.

Lavender & Ylang ylang Khadi Natural handmade soaps is superb all-purpose skin care that has antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral elements. It also enhances healing and helps prevent scarring.

Benefits –

Lavender & Ylang Ylang Soap is a known mood enhancer and known to relieve:

– Stress

– Anxiety & Nervousness

– Insomnia

– Depression

– Aphrodisiac

In addition to the properties mentioned above, our Lavender & ylang ylang handmade soap has a balancing effect on the skin making it suitable for all skin types.  Meaning, it will regulate oil production in the skin and will balance overly dry as well as excessively oily skin.

In conclusion, the use of lavender & ylang ylang handmade soap has many benefits including its stress reliving properties and oil balancing effects on your skin.

Loofah Soaps

Initially Loofa was used by many in the kitchen as a scrubber. Loofah became a popular exfoliating tool for use on the body after its popularity in the kitchen. Loofah has been commonly used in hundreds of thousands of homes worldwide since then. What is Loofah? Loofah is a common vegetable that is eaten in Asia and Africa, often referred to as Luffa and Luffah. It is typically harvested and used as fruit when it reaches maturity. Yet as it grow older, it is usually used in manufacturing of Luffa scrubs, Luffah sponges or Loofah soaps. What are Loofah Soaps? In many parts of the world, Loofah is a popular exfoliant. Loofah can clear and soften the skin but raw use may yield unpredictable results. To certain consumers with very delicate skin, the exterior of Loofah is not suitable to exfoliation. A fine piece of art and science - loofah soap - is the solution to this problem. What’s in a Loofah Soap? A straightforward reply would be 'Loofah.' Loofah soap is rich in it, but also includes other moisturizing essential ingredients such as glycerin, shea butter, and essential oils, which make exfoliation an enjoyable and not a painful experience. The soap manufacturers have created this genius exfoliating solution to exfoliate and wash at the same time, as natural loofah soap does contain real loofah bits. Loofah fiber deeply cleans the skin and soapy properties ensure that during exfoliation no bacteria are attracted. Why to use a Loofah Soap? • Loofah is environmentally friendly and, due to its exfoliating properties, has been used for thousands of years for body care. • It is stable and suited to every skin type. • It's very relaxing to use Loofah. Each bath feels like a revitalizing spa experience so that the body is relaxed after a long day. • Loofah's massaging properties are unparalleled. Loofah is known to relax and relieve any fatiguing muscle of the body whether it is foot, shoulder or any part of the body. Loofah doubles its massaging properties in circular movements. • Loofah is used for dry skin shedding. • Loofah is used to reduce callus feet and skin cracking. • Loofah soap can be a source of whole body treatment if used in conjunction with cocoa and shea butter. Loofah is renowned and used regularly worldwide. Loofah soaps offer the best of skin. They protect the skin, enhance blood flow, monitor the scent of the body and prevent hair from being penetrated. They may be a one-in-all remedy for skin care when they are used like a normal soap.

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